July 23, 2014


at 3 Crow Farm.

starring cathedlund

photos by stoptime341.

July 12, 2014
Mulberry picking
#sexywife (at 3 Crow Farm)

Mulberry picking
#sexywife (at 3 Crow Farm)

July 8, 2014
Jessie Ware - "Tough Love" Music Video is beauty personified.

Jessie Ware is the best female vocalist to hit my ears since Sade.
Her voice is soft, strong, tender, mysterious. 
Her album #Devotion was my favorite album of last year, and the best debut album of any artist since SBTRKT’s album dropped in 2011. 

If I had to pick only one artist in the world to collaborate with on a music video, it would be her. So, if your reading this Jessie, lets make it happen. 

This song #ToughLove is such a cinematic, evocative, emotional journey, with such great production, I love listening to it with my eyes closed, and just day dreaming… 

This video #ToughLove is a superb companion… Some great editing, great cinematography, very non-narrative visuals style with strong natural world imagery (after my own heart).
My favorite track of the year thus far…
Love you Jessie Ware. 

June 29, 2014

"And I’ve gone silver on my travels
Growing silver in my sideburns
I’m starting to unravel

The hours go by like sips of water
The record lies unbroken
and no doubt it’s white flour in my diet
it’s going to be the death of me”

(Source: Spotify)

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June 27, 2014

a favorite of mine from the early days of my love affair w/ cinema:


Happy Birthday Peter Lorre [László Löwenstein]: 26th June 1904 - 23rd March 1964

Lorre - perhaps it is a misfortune - can do almost anything. He is a genius who sometimes gets the finest effects independently of his director, but he is also a throroughly reliable repertory actor…I have a horrible fear that film directors will find it easier to follow in Hitchcock’s footsteps and provide Lorre with humorous character parts than discover stories to suit his powerful genius, his overpowering sense of spiritual corruption. He is an actor of great profundity in a superficial art. - Graham Greene writing in 1936

He was a delight to work with and a joy to have as a friend, as he possessed a rare talent for gaiety. There was not a pompous or even solemn bone in his body. - John Huston

Peter was a very cultured man, a very sensitive person, a very loveable man, and with a great sense of humour. - Robert Mamoulian.

He was a remarkable innovator…a man who built his part with little tricks that were almost indiscernible, with his eyes, his face, with his body, and with a little look at the right time, a little shrug of the shoulder. Each of these built a character and built up a love in the director for that person who’s thinking of things that he should be thinking of. - Frank Capra

I am less complicated than anyone I know. My interest and instincts, I am afraid, are strictly normal, but I have always had, even as a child, a fantastical absorption into getting into people’s character - in trying to unmask them and their motives. This, I suppose is what has interested me so much in playing pathological roles, but has not, I want to say emphatically, circumscribed my ambitions, for I want to play all kinds of parts. I don’t care whether it is tragedy or comedy if it is authentic portrayal of life. - Peter Lorre

(via the-dark-city)

June 24, 2014
I wake up and look down there, clouds made of ice - drifting into the sun. We have no business being up here. what an honor, what a privilege, what hubris, to fly these wings across continents, into another party, another night.

I wake up and look down there, clouds made of ice - drifting into the sun. We have no business being up here. what an honor, what a privilege, what hubris, to fly these wings across continents, into another party, another night.

June 18, 2014

A Photo Essay: Self Portraits as Streetscapes


photos by Christopher Andrew, Cannes, France  061814

music by Jessie Ware

June 12, 2014
#workvacation #disclosure #wildlife

#workvacation #disclosure #wildlife

June 5, 2014
Found my missing intervalometer.  (at Cobra Lounge)

Found my missing intervalometer. (at Cobra Lounge)

May 26, 2014
Two Great Films

I rarely take time off, enough time, for a whole film in the theater, and i love going the see films in the theater. i’ve been lucky enough this past months to make two great choices:

LOCKE, was an incredible piece of acting, an incredible little film, filling me up with hopes and dreams and possibilities. This is a film I could understand, I could get my hands on, a film not driven by CG, not driven by a movie making machine, this was an actors film, a piece of art that just digs right in and sings a the song of a night…
I always loved Hitchcock’s ‘Rope,’ and the single location, singular performance here reminded me of that masterpiece, how ‘Rope’ filled me up as a young aspiring film-maker with so many ideas, so much excitement at it’s simplicity, like a haiku of crime cinema. 
Tom Hardy is one of the best actors out there… He first blew me away in ‘Inception’ then alongside another favorite of mine Jessica Chastain in ‘Lawelss’ then again as Bane, an antihero to the master Christian Bale, I mean the guys is a serious badass, but this film, man… Just him, just him, and this car, and the camera, breathtaking. 

GODZILLA, exceeded all my expectations, what a next level piece of monster/disaster/apocalyptic cinema. As big budget and CG filled as LOCKE was not, but this film actually had timing, pace, beauty, poise, great writing, some solid acting, reminding me of Neon Genesis, of Miyazaki, of the classic post atomic bomb monster films it grew out of, but damn… what great monsters, what stunning explosive visuals fury… Watching that film in IMAX 3D was a f’in blast, I just wish we could have seen more of Ken Watanabe, more of a Japanese cast period, more of the Philippines for that matter, and always happy to see more of Elizabeth Olsen. 

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